6 Linux Server Performance Metrics to Monitor

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Linux is one of the most popular and widely used open-source operating systems in the world today. It provides the key advantage of stability, compatibility, security and customization. Since Linux servers are the backbone of an organization’s IT infrastructure, a sudden change in the CPU usage or memory can adversely affect the performance of applications. 

In order to maintain a healthy infrastructure and to ensure that your Linux network monitor performs optimally and operates applications seamlessly, it is critical to make use of a reliable network monitor on Linux. An effective Linux network monitoring solution helps facilitate problem verification, maintenance and correction.

Olga Burnaeva6 Linux Server Performance Metrics to Monitor
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Server Monitoring Alerting Best Practices

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Every minute of server downtime can cost you serious revenue. 98% of organizations revealed that a single hour of downtime costs them over $100,000. The good news is that you can effectively prevent such losses with server monitoring software. Being a critical piece of your technical infrastructure, servers must be continuously tracked for their performance, and health. 

Efficient server monitoring lets you resolve issues before they become too critical. Additionally, it also helps you take preventive measures to avoid any future issues. Read on to know about server monitoring software and its indispensable use in managing your server resources efficiently. Check out.

Olga BurnaevaServer Monitoring Alerting Best Practices
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Everything You Need To Know About Windows Server Monitoring

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The advancement of technology has brought with it the increased adoption of complex IT systems. Every company operates and maintains a gigantic amount of data that is essential to run their business. The server capacity required to handle this amount of data is huge, and the centralized servers are almost kept off-site in remote locations. 

Server virtualization technologies have also gained popularity since it helps to address data storage limitations and data security concerns. If your company also uses the Windows Server operating system, you must have noticed that the windows servers are operating on a client-server structure. This is to make sure that windows monitoring can be done easily.

Olga BurnaevaEverything You Need To Know About Windows Server Monitoring
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Agentless Linux Monitoring of your Virtualization with VirtualMetric – Coming soon…

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VirtualMetric is introducing agentless Linux monitoring. The development of this solution comes as a result of the numerous requests for it, which we have received during the last year.

Health and reliability for your Linux virtualization with VirtualMetric’s Linux monitoring suite

The sophisticated Linux monitoring suite is a logical addition to our portfolio of monitoring solutions. Thanks to it thousands of data centers, hosting and cloud providers, MSP and ISPs, enterprises will be able to ensure the health and reliability of their Linux virtualization. Monitoring and tracking of the resources and utilization of the Linux environment will help the users also to achieve better efficiency, cut costs and reduce the efforts cloud engineers spend on managing the infrastructure.

Yusuf Ozturk, CEO of VirtualMetric“I am very happy we are able to provide an advanced real-time monitoring solution also to the Linux users. The development of VirtualMetric’s Linux monitoring actually took less than expected and in a short period all our customers will be able to try it personally. Our developers’ team put all its efforts to create a product with a huge number of performance counters. We focused also to provide excellent UX, wide range of predefined reports and charts. I am more than confident that once you start using it, you will be able to manage in a better way your Linux environment!”, said Yusuf Ozturk, CEO of VirtualMetric.

vmetricBlogAgentless Linux Monitoring of your Virtualization with VirtualMetric – Coming soon…
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