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[Webinar] End-to-End Network Monitoring: Critical KPIs to Track

The IT network stays at the foundation of all the operations and data transfers within your business. Unreliable network or problems with the network performance may have a severe impact on your business. Running a business requires a robust and secure network, that managed effectively to meet all the necessary performance and security goals.

The standard network monitoring is not enough in the digital transformation era. More and more modern businesses are implementing an end-to-end network monitoring concept.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to set up an end-to-end network monitoring
  • Critical network KPIs to monitor
  • Event correlation
  • Essential issues on which to set up alarms
  • How to get real-time insights into the most critical network and infrastructure failures
  • Guided workflows to identify issues, their impact, and root cause

If you are a network engineer or manager, you need to have 360° observability over device availability, network latency, packet loss, errors and discards, bandwidth and traffic, network topology, etc. Learn how to correlate events fast and prevent issues before they occur within your network infrastructure!

Watch the replay now.

vmetricBlog[Webinar] End-to-End Network Monitoring: Critical KPIs to Track