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VMware: ESXi Metrics You Should Monitor

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Virtualization environments of today are mostly driven by VMware due to its stability, scalability, and power. Aside from the configuration and architecture design, one must also consider the performance of the physical layer, hosted applications, and virtual machines. VMware provides tools that help monitor your virtual environment and find out the source of existing and potential issues. 

Antonia ShehovaVMware: ESXi Metrics You Should Monitor
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Tips for Building a Homelab

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 Have you ever wanted to set up your own sysadmin homelab? Before you begin, you need to look at major decisions regarding your software and hardware requirements. In today’s age and date, almost every person has a personal computer, assuming smartphones as equivalent to computers.

To set up a vmware vsphere homelab to your liking, let’s discuss important tips for each component of home sysadmin labs.

Antonia ShehovaTips for Building a Homelab
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How Database Monitoring Can Boost Your Performance

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Anyone who is responsible for database performance knows how demanding and challenging database performance tuning is when managing a database. One of the critical functions of this process – database monitoring – is often overlooked. Database monitoring includes identifying the right SQL for tuning, determining right way to tune and whether SQL is right thing to tune.

Antonia ShehovaHow Database Monitoring Can Boost Your Performance
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How to Use Event Triggers For Windows Server Monitoring

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Windows event logs and event triggers are an important part of Windows server monitoring. With the addition Event Viewer feature, Windows made it possible for server administrators to create custom tasks for certain events. This would be the so-called event trigger, and it could be a script or an email notification. 

This feature is highly important in terms of security and proactively dealing with issues with the server. Since it’s simply impossible to manually look at events every hour, event triggers provide a simple way to deal with events that require the immediate attention of the administrator or anyone from the IT team. 

Antonia ShehovaHow to Use Event Triggers For Windows Server Monitoring
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How to Monitor IIS Performance


Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) is a well-known web server that hosts web applications and is used in many sectors like banking, healthcare, logistics, E-commerce, etc. It is the backbone of many IT Infrastructures but if it encounters issues it can cause websites to experience higher response times. Hence, end-users often leave the website. 

A web server plays a vital role in an organization’s IT infrastructure. Hence, to monitor IIS performance and view IIS logs, it’s very important to monitor IIS servers, applications and other servers. This also helps maintain applications that are mission-critical, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook. 

It’s integral to maintain high-quality IIS performance to ensure reliability, security and uptime. If your server has a problem, it can negatively impact your web presence and cause a decline in the number of your end users. In order to achieve high-level performance, its important to have an IIS server monitoring and IIS log analyzer

Olga BurnaevaHow to Monitor IIS Performance
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