Asset and Change Management

VirtualMetric delivers the right tools to manage IT assets and implement a smooth and streamlined change management process within your organization. Accelerate the change planning and implementation and ensure efficient usage of the available assets.

Manage Efficiently Your IT Assets and Keep a Track of All Changes

Inventory Monitoring

Inventory Monitoring

Automate the inventory monitoring and your server and hardware asset management. Centralized inventory reporting for large environments.
Patch Management

Patch Management

Keeps servers and network hardware up to date by automating the discovery and delivery of missing patches and updates.
Change Tracking

Change Tracking

Track and report automatically every change within your IT environment. Correlate events and logs with changes.

Powerful Assets Management and Change Tracking Software

The complicated IT infrastructure within big enterprises, usually separated between multiple physical locations is hard to manage and keep under control. Infrastructure Management Teams need to care for the end-to-end process of hardware configuration, software updates, patch management, change tracking and many more. Meanwhile, they need to guarantee the overall system reliability and exceptional performance. VirtualMetric delivers smart tools to hlp you do this complex task.

Streamline Change Management Planning

When it comes to changes to be made in configurations, software versions or system architectures, the risk a problem to occur and affect end-users is big. With VirtualMetric, you can implement an efficient change management process and real-time reporting. Get end-to-end visibility of the change process and identify bottlenecks before they affect system availability.

Minimise the Disruptive Impact on Existing Services

Change management must be a controlled process with streamlined rules for every change of happening in your organization’s network or infrastructure. It involves framing a proper plan that helps roll out changes with minimal disruptive impact on existing services. Thanks to VirtualMetric monitoring capabilities and short poll intervals, you can reduce IT change management time and errors. Quickly deploy configuration changes, or get reports on who implemented a change and what was the result out of it.

Easy Infrastructure Changes Audit and Configuration Tracking

VirtualMetric is the only monitoring solution also focused on Change Tracking. With its advanced capabilities, you record all the software, services, configuration and hardware changes in your environment. Troubleshoot easily all the issues caused by changes and keep a detailed log on all the hardware and software assets. Analyze virtual infrastructure configuration changes and get information on the users who performed these changes with automatic schedule reports.

Centralized Assets Tracking and Inventory

Keep full track of your inventory and available IT assets. Get accurate reports on all your hardware and software assets in minutes with VirtualMetric. Manually tracking the inventory with emails and spreadsheets is not efficient and is dependent on your team. With VirtualMetric, you can do everything automatically and generate reports for your hardware, virtual machines and software quickly. Take advantage of the auto-discovery features and manage everything from a centralized monitoring suite.

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